The Luxury Bathroom Ideas For The Upcoming Year – Be Ready!

2017 is not quite an end, but this year’s bathroom trends already show the movement. We predict that luxury bathroom design is still growing madly for the next year. We are going to see what kind of bathroom design for the upcoming year soon.

luxury bathroom

luxury bathroom

  1. Metals Bathroom Ornament

Actually, metals as bathroom ornament are already introduced in the middle of 2015. But, its classy look makes it stay around the top 3 of the most favorite bathroom material design. And we expect they still stand along that position until the next year.

What makes it special? The gold, silver, platinum, or even stainless finishing in several bathroom cabinets played a big role in reflecting a luxurious in the bathroom.

  1. Minerals and stones typical decoration design

Another idea that will be famous in the next year is this bathroom style. It presents a natural feeling by choosing stones and minerals decoration element and also use them functionally as well. For example, a polished stone sink which more aesthetic than the typical porcelain itself.

The meaning of mineral and stone in Feng Shui which represent the mountain’s calm and qualities makes them even better for the bathroom design.

  1. Green plants bathroom design

The original design yet still shows a luxury bathroom is a right sentence to describe this design. Instead of make a luxury look by choosing the expensive materials, you could even look more luxury with these all-natural green plants.

Since it appears in 2015, the greenery bathroom style is still stunning over the other blink ornament. Choosing the great plant to be in your en-suite bathroom, then pick the green walls and indoor garden are totally trendy and timeless.

The way we see the luxury bathroom is depending on our character itself. You could see more luxury design to keep your bathroom stylish.

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