Recommended and Perfect Interior Design for a Small Bathroom!

You’ve found that your apartment only has a tiny bathroom, then what should you do?

Some of us don’t get any problem with the size of the bathroom. But, others don’t. There are some people just can’t deal with this size. Is it you? If yes, we surely will open your eyes to how to arrange this small bathroom to be a handled one.

small bathroom

small bathroom

A tiny bathroom doesn’t mean it’s impractical. It is just functional rather than the large one. Here are some suggestions on arranging this kind of bathroom.

  1. Choose a toilet-sink in combo size.

A small bathroom needs a big toilet sink which is amazingly water-save indeed. With this size, you will get a larger space for stretching your legs.

  1. Or install a tank-less toilet.

Another suggestion, install a tankless toilet. It was actually a tank but it is hidden in the wall. This style can, even more, get larger space. On the other side, you can’t easily change your toilet easily because it still needs an access to plumbing.

  1. Take the height advantage of arranging toiletries.

This strategy is quite effective for the tiny bathroom.  You can arrange all the toiletries vertically on the wall. In this way, you don’t need a big sink anymore which will take many spaces.

  1. Pick the narrow sink.

Nevertheless, you very need to use a sink in the bathroom, wisely you should pink the narrow one. Even it isn’t as you dream it, that size is the right one. You only need a sink hat functionally you need for washing hand or face or even for brushing teeth indeed.

  1. Place the sink in the corner of the bathroom.

If the narrow sink still takes more space for you, then choose the corner sink. They are practically saving more space for you. You still can get space in your small bathroom.

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