Unusual Bedroom Color Schemes That Blows Up Your Mind

A bedroom should be your most comfort zone inside your house, a place that can be your quite place in your busy day and best spot that you can relax most. The most essential is a bedroom should be your most calming and comfortable spot after your long busy day. However, many of us do not know how to decorate a bedroom, or many people just go with neutral or bright colors. Of course, there is nothing wrong with neutral or just simple whit colors. However, if you already bored with those colors, then you can make something which livelier as well. Then you can use these unusual bedroom color schemes bellow.

bedroom color schemes

bedroom color schemes

Unusual Bedroom color schemes ideas:

Yellow and Black

For many people black is unusual paint, however you can paint your walls in black that should not be overly dark, then you can combine with golden yellow shade of wall that can light up your room. You can pair with purple headboard and light touch in your throw pillows. This unique combination has enough contrast which is appealing without having too much things.

Pink with dark green

Did you ever imagine this combination? There are so many great things that you can get. Pink and deep green can be one of best combination color which enough to keep many things still under control. You can choose stripped pink and white color in your ceiling then combine it with darker green in your headboard, throw pillows and headboard. You can add several features with it, such as: unique ceiling light and white vases to get more contemporary look.

Green and black-white bedroom

However, not everyone braves enough to try this combination. It can make your room looks spacious, thank to black and white balancing. You can add several accents with various green patterns in your space which is make it more alive.

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