Granite Pros and Cons for Kitchen Countertop

People surely cannot ignore about the kitchen countertop if they want to make sure that the kitchen has the expected mood. It is not only about the mood of course because people also have to consider about the function of the kitchen counter top which must be suitable worktop for any cooking activity in the kitchen. Various materials can be found for kitchen countertop but granite can be one of the most popular choices. People think that they will be able to create luxurious and elegant kitchen if they make granite for their kitchen countertop material. Is that really true? Before making any decision, considering the pros and cons of this material is a must. It will help them to get the best kitchen countertop without any regret.

kitchen countertop

kitchen countertop


There must be a strong reason why granite becomes popular material choice for kitchen countertop. It cannot be separated from the fact that granite has great appearance with various colors and patterns. People can choose the color which meets the atmosphere they want in the kitchen. The pattern can be chosen to strengthen the interest in the kitchen. It will work well for the kitchen with traditional or even transitional design. The kitchen will get the exclusive look with granite countertop since every piece of granite is unique. There is no way they will find the kitchen countertop which is exactly similar to their countertop when they use granite.


Besides all of the good things which can be found from granite, people can also find the downside. It needs to be sealed properly to make sure that it can avoid the stains. Because of super heavy material, granite must be placed on the cabinet with sturdy and strong building. Last but not least, people have to check their budget because granite is pretty expensive material.

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