Ideas for small living room to make most outstanding space

If you have limited space for your living room, there are several things that you can do for make your living room fabulous.  There are many tricks that you can corporate when you want to make your living room looks spacious and larger.  When you arrange your small living room, by choosing right angle and setting of colors, scale and weight position, this will make a difference in small living room arrangement.

small living room

small living room

Decorate using mirror

This is classic trick for make your space look spacious. When you place mirror in small place, this will make your room look larger. The most common place to set the mirror is in central location and use as focal point. If you want to use mirror for reflect the light and create nice ambience, you need to put the mirror at behind of light source. You also can place the mirror across the window and it will create view reflection that result illusion of another window effect.

Use neutral colors

The most popular trick for small living room is using neutral colors. This can apply in walls, ceiling, furniture, floor and many others decoration. The soft hues will illuminate the room by reflecting the light. This also calming and sophisticated the room.

Choose furniture that has lightweight appearance

Consider the visual weight when buying furniture.  The heavier one just will constrict to the living room space.  You also need to choose the furniture that comes in small scale furniture. Choose sofa with thin arms or tightly upholstered back is recommended rather than the multi cushion back sofa.  If the space is so tight, then you can choose the loveseat or you can set the four position chairs into around coffee table. Consider the armless chairs as this will take less space rather than furniture with arm model.

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