Most Popular Formal Living Room Ideas

We are typically misunderstanding about the formal living room and informal living room. When you ask what is the difference, well, the answer varies. It depends on the categories and the purpose as well. Apart from the types, people don’t care, and they only think about how to decorate it.

How to Decorate Formal Living Room

Open Floor Concept

formal living room ideas

formal living room ideas

The best way to combine with the formal living room is the open concept. You can try the dark wood floor combines with white walls and big windows. The look will be warmer as you also install the stone fireplace. People also love the high ceiling with the super long drapery to create a dramatic look. This arrangement often result an elegant look yet feel comfortable to stay with family.

Make a Transition Space

Unluckily, the formal living room doesn’t fit the small space. People often end up on failure resulting a messy room with the bulky items. Actually, there is one trick to enlarge the space by making a super huge door that will create a transition between the room and the porch. You can try the folding door to open the room easily. The view often much better with the light rays and a good few.

Play with Colors

Having the formal living room doesn’t mean becoming right. You still can play color with modern furniture to make it more casual without leaving the concept. If you want to play safe, try to play with accents or patterns. Some accessories will create a better look.

Creating Details

Can we? Yeah, sure! Creating details on the ceiling should be a great idea for the formal living room. You then need to combine it with the classic furniture and chandelier. Don’t forget the fireplace for the glamorous result.

What do you think? Or do you have another idea? Please leave us comments.

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