Household Hacks – How To Unlock A Door ?

We sometimes forget how important to keep the spare key, before going to be unlocked already. When it already happens, what should you do? The kind of key that we are going to talk here is a key for a simple button doorknob.

how to unlock a door

how to unlock a door

Here are some situations and probably problems with being locked and how to unlock a door for ourselves.

  1. When its push-button affairs

As we see in many dramas or films, you only need a paperclip to push it off. It doesn’t work as easy as you see on TV actually. You need to jab the paperclip in the hole and push the locking mechanism. If it doesn’t work, change it with a butter knife.

  1. Keyed locks

This situation is a little bit trickier to solve but don’t worry it can be done. In this case, you still need a paperclip and tension wrench. If you can’t reach any wrench around you, try to get a very small hex key which has the same diameters as the paperclip. The hex key will do in a pinch.

Then, how to unlock a door with it?

First, insert the flattened end of the paperclip above the tension wrench. Then push them while you try to meet the resistance. As a note, this will be the first pin of the lock. If it works, mean you need to turn the tension wrench a little bit further. Hold the tension wrench and repeat the procedures with the rest of the pins until the lock opens.

  1. Easier with credit card treatments

WikiHow has published how to unlock a door by using a credit card. You only need to slide your credit card into the crack in the door, where the lock is. Push it until you feel the lock slide in and open the door quickly.

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