How to Maintain Your Sheet Vinyl Flooring Properly

How to Maintain Your Sheet Vinyl Flooring Properly. Back again to the flooring section; sheet vinyl flooring. It is one of the cheapest material you can use if you are a person that loves making the experience on the house floor but still wants to save some budget. This type of flooring brings you a huge number of texture and color that you can suit easily with our furniture. With a good composition, probably someone will not notice that you apply the vinyl floor. Maybe! Apart from that, we love it. We want to buy more and try a different kind of models. Or, some of you wish to have a last longer sheet so you can allocate your budget for others.

However, sheet vinyl flooring is not water resistant and the adhesive is prone to fade away. Hence, a great maintenance will help you. Follow this tips!

How to Maintain Your Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Protect Your Floor

Protection is highly required. Ensure you place door mat to prevent mud, dirt, grit, and others that can damage your floor. You can also use the latex-based driveway sealer so you can avoid staining that is resulted from asphalt tracking. Then, supports the furniture legs with the pads to avoid friction and lift it at the moment you want to move it instead of pushing it. Some features that are supported by the rollers or wheels are much better.

sheet vinyl flooring

sheet vinyl flooring

Initial Maintenance

Some areas have high traffic which this can damage the adhesive. At the first 24 hours after installation, keep in mind to keep it from traffic and avoid scrubbing and mopping the floor.

Daily Maintenance

You can broom the floor once a week to get rid dirt and prevent spills. Sometimes you are allowed to have damp mop but never do this regularly, just apply it to the stubborn dirt to avoid curl at the edges. Besides, never use polish or wax that is not required for the sheet floor. This will attract more dirt and grime. Just use the suggested product and follow the procedure carefully. Besides, don’t forget to use resilient floors when you maintain your floor. Somehow this is slippery.

So, that’s all we can suggest helping you keep your floor look new. The sheet vinyl flooring, however, cannot be durable as good as the plank vinyl. But when you have a good maintenance, it will be much better especially in terms of money spending.

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