Which of These Aquascaping Ideas for Room That Suitable for Your Budget?

We can’t decide which design is the best for an aquascape generally. Not only because it has the complex technical means and certain rules of construction and composition to follow, but also they literally involve your own imagination. Our own creative touch enriches these aquarium arts, named aquascape.

aquascaping ideas for room

aquascaping ideas for room

As it has developed by the time, there are so many different styles with different look and type of materials used popping up. But now we will not concern on how to combine them according to your character, we will help you to find out your own aquascaping style though. That’s why we already arranged the aquascaping ideas for room that may suitable for you.

  • Wabi Kusa – Aquarium Aquatic Plant

The Wabi Kusa style was first introduced in Japan by Japanese aquascapers there. What makes it original is the simplicity in finding beauty through the elegant plants with imperfection and even in a bit chaotic design. It also offers some benefits; you can get an artistic view from your aquarium even on a budget and it takes a very little space.

This style is the most recommended as aquascaping ideas for room – you can even create your own in a small size container and put them up as your living or bedroom decoration.

  • Walstad Aquascaping Method

This style is quite different than others, though it tends to recreate a complete nature situation rather than winning a beauty award instead. The maintenance of this kind of aquascaping style is more often in deliberately low and need a small budget. You need to give more attention to the potting soil, choose the one which has not additive or chemical substances.

There are actually 7 styles which are the most popular aquascaping ideas for room. The rest of them need a special budget and more space. They are German Open, Dutch Style, Zen Graden, and Taiwanese style. Research more about other style and find out your own style.

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