4 Living Room Furniture Ideas for Small Space

painting living room

painting living room

Small living room always has trouble with the furniture which many homeowners are in a big dizziness how to keep the elements fit with space. At the same time, many living room furniture ideas come in bulky look, right? Well, we are not trying to blame the manufacturer, but basically, we need to consider what to put in the tiny space and what don’ts.

Hence, the following tips should help you to create an eye-catching look with minimum accents and bulky items.

Living Room Furniture Ideas for Small Space

It is about size and size again! The need to pick living room furniture ideas that will not overpower the space is a must. It’s great to pick a sofa that comes with thin arms along with the multi-cushion. It’s definitely you don’t need a complete set of the sofa like we usually see on normal size. You could simply do it with the loveseat or have a coffee table with four chairs so this would not be too crowded.

Place Decorative Mirrors

Many designers suggest placing decorative mirrors to create a larger feel. Hang the mirrors at the central to make a focal point. This will reflect the light that results a nice ambiance. If it is possible, you can position the mirror across the window to create an illusion. This method seems always classical but always works with you.

High Ceiling or the Short One?

If you have the high ceiling, draw the eyes upward by filling the vertical space with artwork. It is always successful to invite the eye seeing the upper space rather than focus on the horizontal look.

Neutral Color

The most suggested thing to do if you are looking for the living room furniture ideas is playing the neutral color. Make sure you don’t too much contrast between the walls and the floors. Some vibes like the white concept with the wooden floor always work much better. You still have a focal point by bringing one item in the space to catch the attention. A bucket of red flowers on the table or a huge artwork are simple things to do.

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