Cleaning Hack – How To Clean A Bathtub Efficiently?

The bathtub is the place where we go to clean our body every day. But, unsurprisingly it could be the most dirt place at the same time. Since we think that the bathtub constantly exposes with the moisture and bacteria which some of them stay in the tub’s wall, we need to know how to clean a bathtub efficiently. It seems like a tough job, but with these steps and few tips, hope it’ll help a lot.

how to cleaning bathtub

how to cleaning bathtub

  1. Use a tile cleaner if you find your grout is mildewed. As your bathtub already empty from all toiletries or even loofas, the thing that you should do is clean them up by using a tile cleaner and formulated cleaner for the tub. Tip: mix the baking soda and vinegar to get a natural bathtub cleaner and it works a lot. Thus, wipe down thoroughly and fully rinse it all the way.
  2. Scrub using the old toothbrush.

Using an old toothbrush is optional indeed. But, actually, you need a small brush to clean the corner side or the narrow part of your tub. That’s why you should give more attention to several parts that should be hard to be clean. Still, choose the right scrubber to prevent your tub from being damage, identify what kind of material that your tube is constructed as well. Also, if the acrylic or the enamel material you need the proper scrubber.

  1. Wipe everything once more for the last time.

Anyway, if you have seen that there is no dirt anymore, you still have to wipe them down after all have been rinsed before. Thinking about how to clean a bathtub, bear in mind that your personal safety is important too. Use the gloves, ventilate the bathroom, and never mix the cleaner with the household cleaner. Moreover, we can prevent the worse thing happen.

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