Guides To Bring Traditional Japanese Living Room Style Instantly

traditional Japanese living room

traditional Japanese living room

There is no word to sum up the beauty of traditional Japanese living room. Japanese style brings a different vibe to any kind of homestyle. We are all familiar with their main concept; be simple and don’t put too many accessories that are unnecessary. Even, if you want to change your living room in this style instantly, there are some ways to follow.

How To Bring Traditional Japanese Living Room Style Instantly

Make a Soaking Tubs

To create a natural touch, bring the soaking tubs is a must. The serene sounds of water will relax your mind. It is a peaceful look with a cheap budget to create. In Japanese, this is called Ofuro, which means small tubs with some sort of benches to the seat, so you enjoy your remaining day by soaking your foot inside. You can also place some plants and flowers to a nice nuance in the living room.

Adds Shoji (The Sliding Door)

If you have a tiny space, the sliding door seems to be the perfect choice for your home and in Japanese, this is called Shoji, the main element of a Japanese house.

People in Japan use Shoji due to the high cost of housing that is made of translucent paper in the wooden frame. Today, we see Shoji in more modern ways with glass panels so it will be last longer.

Japanese Entryway Is Different

Another remarkable thing to know berise the traditional Japanese living room is the Japanese entryway that is used to store the shoes. After going out, as Japanese people enter the room, they will store the shoes on the rack and change it with the slipper, so the room will stay clean longer.

Most Japanese entryway is made of tile flooring with some racks and tubes to store shoes and umbrellas.

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