How to Make Kitchen Always Clean

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The kitchen is the heart of your house where everyone will gather and talk about many things aside from cooking. We can categorize it as a high traffic place where dirt and mess often occur. Yeah, at the same time this put us in dizziness on how to make kitchen always clean. It is always dirty and messy.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips You Should Try

A Garbage Bowl Is Everything

The large garbage bowl helps you a lot and save your time at the same time instead of walking to the garbage bean. Place a bowl on the counter to consolidate all the cooking waste.

Use Flexible Cutting Mat

You know that when you cut something on the cutting board, your choppe

d vegetables will go on the floor and it easily makes your kitchen dirty. At this time, it is better to use the flexible cutting mat on top of your cutting board.

Besides, don’t be lazy to pick up anything that falls right away. This will save your time cleaning the floor and make the kitchen less messy.

Consider Your Kitchen Windows Design

How to Make Kitchen Always Clean

How to Make Kitchen Always Clean

We love large windows and we love the winds blow in the kitchen. That’s why some people love the place the windows near the backsplash and stove. However, this will make the cleaning time more tiring. That’s why it is better to keep the windows far from it.

Cook More Slowly

Fast cooking will splash the food and oil all over the floor. So, calm down and enjoy the cooking time. Chopping, wiping up and seasoning create more mess.

Wipe It As You See Dirt

Provide soapy water with a sprayer and wipe it so

on as you see dirt and oily agents around the kitchen to prevent slipperily.

That’s all our tips on how to make kitchen always clean. The point is conducting disciplinary to all family member. Or, you will clean it by yourself.

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