How to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Looks More Spacious

The kitchen, a place where we find mess and dirt. Yeah, it is almost impossible to decorate this part with too many stuff and things. Sometimes, your house has a tiny space which makes you end up with a lot of jobs to decorate it. However, it doesn’t mean we cannot find the perfect kitchen design ideas. Check our tips!

How to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Looks Larger

We find great tips from Houzz and we are happy to know that the tips work well.

kitchen design ideas

kitchen design ideas

Use Glass Door Only

If you are planning to do a remodeling project, it is better to go for the solid cabinet and replace it with glass door. Yeah, replace all of them. This will lighten the look and give you a larger feel also luxurious design.

You also need to paint the cabinets the same with the walls color. Grey kitchen ideas do this trick with grey walls and lighter shades on the cabinetry. It is certainly safe approach for the tiny space. Other tones you may try are navy, black, charcoal and chocolate.

Avoid Fussy Details

Small room with fussy details on the cabinetry is a wrong concept. Instead, use sleek design and tailored look. This will reflect the light and give you larger space.

Just Merge It

Many kitchen design ideas merge the kitchen into larger space for a spacious look. Just separate the breakfast room with low half wall and place your things on it. It looks much better while keeping the kitchen look roomy.

Try Open Shelving

The open shelves are your room savior as this will reduce the visual weight. The floating shelves are highly suggested. You can store all your things; spices, sauce, salt in nice jars and display it on the shelves.

What do you think? Well, that’s all our suggestion about the kitchen design ideas. Yoru tiny space should be great when you know how to decorate. Take it as an advantage which you don’t need tiring maintenance.

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