How To Turn Your Living Room Playground For Kids

If you have children and your living room is small, you need to make great arrangement in your living room. You might need to separate your living room as reading corner, watching TV, gathering space for family and friends, and even for your kid’s playground. These easy 3 tricks will help you to turn your living room into gorgeous playground for your kids.

living room playground

living room playground

Create huge storage in your walls

This might common to corporate in living room. But most of them might corporate storage for decorations, fireplace, TV, books and other formal things. When you turn into playground, you need to function the storage into places for store your children toys, entertainment equipment such as Nintendo, PS and many more.

Create Nice Corner for your kids

Create separation in living room such as adult part and kid’s part can be great ideas to try. You can create mural wall in one wall and use nice and fun furniture in one corner wall to distinguish the separation corner between kid and adult corner. You are also able to make storage for your kid’s toys when you make this “invisible” divider wall corner.

Create room divider

This is most common to create in living room playground.  You can make this divider from sofa in adult living room area or you can make separation area with storage built between the areas.  You also can make separation by underground the floor in your living room. The tiered area in your living room will give the fun design for your living room.

You can accommodate your kids to play in living room by create playground. When you create playground kids in living room, you need to consider your children to incorporate. You can ask them for take commitment for always clean their toys after play in playground.

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