Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas for Tiny Space

One of the most crucial things to think about in the kitchen is the walls. Especially the one that is close to the countertop and backsplash which needs water-resistant materials. Hence, some people prefer choosing the kitchen wall tiles ideas. However, tiles are somewhat boring and static, in case you know where to start. Check our tips for kitchen wall tiles ideas below.

kitchen wall tiles ideas

kitchen wall tiles ideas

Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas for Tiny Space

Ceramic, Terra Cotta, and Porcelain

Creating a larger space is not easy, which you need to pick items that fit your space. This includes the size and shape.We suggest you pick terracotta, ceramic or porcelain. Those types typically come in a square shape which is great for you to bring texture to the kitchen.

Just determine the place where you want to install the tiles. This way will help you decide which materials to pick. Mostly, tiles can be installed as a backsplash which will be the focal point.

Consider Your Home Style

Even though the kitchen doesn’t matter that much, however, it is highly suggested to keep its great theme. This also will make your house larger as you determine the style. Besides, this will ease you when you do the job without some worries, like splashing oil, water or dirt. A great kitchen design will give you flexibility

Try Mosaic Tiles

You can install the mosaic tiles as the backsplash. It is a nice focal point to try. There are many of them that offer you a great design with easy installation.

Try Vinyl Tiles

Another cheap item yet beautiful to try. There are a number of choices to pick. However, be sure to install the one with strong adhesive. You know a kitchen is a place where water can splash everywhere, including your walls. Also, it is better not to install the vinyl tiles around the backsplash.

That is all our recommendation about kitchen wall tiles ideas. Check your budget before considering, and good luck!

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