Natural Backyard Pools Tips

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Natural Backyard Pools Tips

Natural Backyard Pools Tips

Having natural backyard pools is not just for fun, but it is an additional element that can boost your home look to be more natural, greener and even beautiful. Somehow, this kind of thing is a little bit tricky which you should consider several things to make it look perfect, especially if you decide to create a DIY project. Beginner seems to have a greater chance to make mistakes so, at the end of your project, you end up with a deep disappointment.

The following is a list of natural backyard tips so you will finish the project well.

What to Consider Before Building Natural Backyard Pools

Swiming Pool or Swiming Pond?

If you wish a pool with lots of plants and a wilder look, then it should be a swimming pond. However, it is more complex with specific requirements and characteristics. Especially if it is a chemical free pool. Both types apply different concept and maintenance, and of course budget.

Keep The Design Simple

Having a simple design can save your time and money. Natural pools with shallows, stone walls and water will look great, but this adds excessive budget to your plan. It is not only when you start building it, but also the long-term maintenance.

Flat Bottom Are Best

The flat bottom is safe for you who have no time and less budget. It requires simple dig and foundations. Besides, this kind of pool is easier to clean.

Box Shapes Only

Have you ever wondered why most natural backyard pools only have box shapes? yes! This is because the box-shaped is cheaper. If you love it, the remaining job is making sure the tanking product doesn’t contain algae and phosphate.

Not Going to Deep Is A Good Idea

The natural backyard pools are much better with 1.5 m depth. It is a comfortable depth for easy cleaning and safety. Consider having under 2 m depth for your kid’s safety. Most people go for 1.8 for a deeper pool.

Despite the above natural backyard pools guide above, make sure you call a professional to build the pool. This seems so simple, but this takes a lot of effort to make the joint between the wall and floor blend well.

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