Tips and Tricks to Boost the Small Room Design

Choosing a small room design is trickier. Your problem even gets worse when it comes to furniture choice. Hence, we here to help you find out the small living room ideas. Check our tips!

small room design

small room design

Small Living Room Ideas

Try to Use Big Mirrors                                   

If you notice, most homeowners expert place some big mirrors to create a larger feed. You can hang the larger mirror right in the central location for creating a focal point. The mirror will reflect the light and a nice ambiance. You can also place the mirror across the window to make an illusion.

Remove All the Bulky Item

As you look at the small room designs, you will notice there is no bulky item. Opt for the open bottom and thin legs. You can also try the furniture that is completed with built-in storage to save small things.

Large Windows

the windows design living room should be large to let the light in. It will create a larger feel as you opt for the bulky window.

Add a Rug

The rug has multiple functions which it is not only to cover the floor from scratches but also make the room looks larger. Choose the light-colored rug and arrange it under the table set. Make sure this rug can cover the floor as you pull away from the chairs. You can also put it over the carpet.

Spice It Up

When it comes to the small room design, it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with the colors. Well, you still can do this! Add bright colors to boost the look. But remember! Limit the color palette to avoid overwhelming appearance. two or three colors are still good.

Hanging Shelves

The hanging shelves is a great idea to spice up the look while you still can save some small things. Some hanging bookshelves on the living room will create a better view.

That’s all our suggestion about the small room design. Those principles are highly suggested by experts.

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