How To Upholster A Dining Room Chair

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how to upholster a dining room chair

how to upholster a dining room chair

Adding fresh fabric to some dated wooden chair is the best way to boost your dining room. This is more effective and less budget for a brand new look. Then, we are lucky to find Matthew Haly, the owner of The Furniture Joint, who shares how to upholster a dining room chair.

Simple Ways How to Upholster a Dining Room Chair

  • The first step to do is unscrewing the seat base from the frame. Just simply remove the fabric when the base still has good condition.
  • Next, make a new seat from 1/2 inch of plywood and trace the old base. You can also measure the frame and mark it then cut it using a jigsaw.
  • After that, cut the cushion one inch thick and stick it to the wood using adhesive. It is suggested to use the spray adhesive because this will ease you.
  • Once you have done, you can cover the foam. Use 1/2 inch layer of Dacron and staple the batting right to the center and finish the rest.
  • The next step is cutting the fabric for the set base on 1/4 inch dimension.
  • Once you have finished, pull the fabric as taut as you can and attach it right to the base then staple it directly. Do it the same way you add the batting.
  • The remaining job is cutting the dust cover to the seat then staple it.
  • Next, screw the seat right to the chair frame.

If you live with family and kids that often make your room messy, the best way on how to upholster a dining room chair is by choosing the right fabric. Make sure you pick a fabric that is waterproof so you will be less worry when your family and kids spell water on the chair.

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